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Shockwave IVL System

Due to its unique mechanism of action, Shockwave’s IVL technology cracks both medial and intimal calcium while minimizing trauma to the vessel wall.

Here 3 major benefits of this Shockwave IVL system


Minimize trauma to soft tissue by safely selecting and fracturing intimal and medial calcium


Optimize outcomes while reducing complications and cost escalation


Simple and intuitive system that makes comple犀利士
x calcified procedures more predictable

Procedural steps to perform Shockwave IVL

  1. The IVL Catheter is delivered across a calcified lesion over an 0.014″ wire and the integrated balloon is expanded to 4atm to facilitate efficient energy transfer

  2. An electrical discharge from the emitters vaporizes the fluid within the balloon, creating a rapidly expanding & collapsing bubble that generates sonic pressure waves

  3. The waves create a localized field effect that travels through soft vascular tissue, selectively cracking intimal and medial calcium within the vessel wall

  4. After calcium modification, the integrated balloon may subsequently be used to dilate the lesion at low pressure in order to maximize luminal gain

This is a miniaturized and arrayed lithotripsy emitter that creates a localized field effect at the site of the calcium. Optimized energy for the treatment of cardiovascular calcium.