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Introducing Scatter Armor Shields

Protect Physicians and Staff During All Procedures from Harmful Scatter Radiation

Scatter Armor Shields provide scatter radiation protection for radial and many other types of procedures. Placed on top of the patient drape to block scatter radiation at the source, Scatter Armor creates a scatter-free zone, reducing harmful radiation exposure to the doctor or clinician.

Scatter Armor products utilize KIARMOR, the most protective core material against scatter radiation and the only lead free core material which passes DIN (6875-1), ASTM (F3094-14) and IEC (61331-1-2014) standards from 50 to 150 kVp.

Scatter Armor Shields utilize the highest absorbency in the industry, critical in heavy fluid situations. The shields easily mold to the patients body for ease of use and maximum protection.

Scatter Armor Shields are meant for one-time use, packaged individually in sterile packets.