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World Blood Donor Day

Blood Donation

Everyone needs blood to survive, from humans to animals to insects. So why should one donate blood to others?

One in three people requires a blood transfusion in their life- due to complications during surgery and childbirth, blood disorders, chronic ailments, and accidents- leading to severe blood loss. As a result of the transient nature of the blood, it cannot be stored for long periods, requiring a regular supply of new blood.

Blood Donation in the pandemic, COVID-19

With the arrival of COVID-19 to the world and a drastic increase in patients – blood banks are facing shortages and rising demand for blood and plasma. Particularly plasma containing COVID-19 antibodies drawn from recovered patients for use in Convalescent Plasma Therapy to help shorten and reduce the severity of COVID-19.

Blood Donors can donate blood after the COVID vaccine seven days from the date of both the first and second dose. Meanwhile, donors may donate blood after COVID infection 28 days after testing negative.

Blood Donation Benefits

Donating blood is voluntary and not paid. However, donating blood leads to long-term health benefits in individuals. The donation of blood activates the bone marrow in the blood donor, improving the efficiency of producing new blood cells.

Blood Donation also extracts excess iron. Iron in high amounts increases the risk of heart diseases and oxidation of cholesterol which damages small blood vessels. It decreases the possibility of heart attacks and brain strokes.

Blood Donation Types

Blood Banks and Donation Centers accept blood, plasma, and platelets in the form of donations- all blood types: A, B, AB, and O are welcome.

Blood Donation

Blood Donations are available in different forms: Whole Blood Unit, Plasma, Double Red Cells, and Platelets Apheresis. All forms of donations differ on the time taken to donate along with the frequency of donation.

Donors must be in good health and must complete the requirements of donation centers to donate for their health.

Blood Donation in U.A.E and Oman

Safe blood donation is the keystone of collecting blood- which is carried out by utilizing the safest and best medical equipment and medical devices in the UAE and Oman to withdraw, process, and store the components in blood banks.

Blood Donation Centers and Blood Banks located across the country in both UAE and Oman; Appointments are available via the websites of the Ministry of Health and Prevention in UAE and Ministry of Health in Sultanate of Oman. Oman also is currently running a year-long blood donation campaign for the year 2021 since January.

Blood is the most precious gift one can give to anyone. Visit the nearest blood donation center and give someone a gift of life this world donor day; Give blood and keep the world-beating.